Tuesday’s Tip: Remove Infusionsoft branding on web forms

By default, an Infusionsoft hosted web form has “Powered by Infusionsoft” added to the end of the title. Eek! Do your customers really care what company powers your web forms, or would you rather have them see your company name in the title and in their browser bookmarks?

I’ve talked before about custom titles for order forms and shopping carts, and hiding Infusionsoft branding. With a little effort, we can do the same thing for Infusionsoft hosted web forms. The trick, as usual, requires a bit of JavaScript. Simply add the following code to an HTML snippet on your web form, replacing “YOUR COMPANY” with your company name:

document.title = document.title.replace("Powered by Infusionsoft", "COMPANY NAME");

This will use the title you selected when you created the web form, but it will replace “Powered by Infusionsoft” with your company name.

Alternatively, you can set the full title to whatever you want using this snippet, replacing “YOUR TITLE” with the title you want:

document.title = "YOUR TITLE";

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