Tuesday’s Tip: Hide Infusionsoft branding

Have you ever noticed the Infusionsoft logo at the bottom of the emails you send? You may have even noticed it at the bottom of newsletters or marketing emails you’ve received from other companies. While Infusionsoft includes this logo by default, they make it easy to hide.

Why would you want to remove the logo?

  • It’s a distraction. Promoting Infusionsoft at the bottom of every email can confuse your message or distract from your email’s primary call to action.
  • It could increase your spam score. Adding additional images and links to your emails could increase your spam score. You’ll likely only take a minimal hit for including the Infusionsoft logo, but every bit can make a difference.

To hide the Infusionsoft logo from your emails, all you have to do is open your Infusionsoft app, go to Admin→Branding Center→Infusionsoft Footer, and select No at the bottom of the page for Allow Infusionsoft Footer in emails?.

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