Tuesday’s Tip: Custom titles for Infusionsoft order forms

By default, Infusionsoft order forms—and even the shopping cart—are missing a page title. Instead of something nice, like Event Registration (Basic) – Novak Solutions, the visitor will see an ugly URL in the titlebar. You can see this tip in action on our demo order form.

Like most of our tips, the fix for this is very easy. All you need to do is add a title tag to your custom header HTML area for either your order form or your shopping cart theme. For example:

<title>Event Registration (Basic) - Novak Solutions</title>

Of course, for your shopping cart you’ll want something a little more generic, perhaps just your company name.

The custom header HTML isn’t actually in the header, so this fix isn’t standards compliant. Your title tag is going to be thrown into a random spot in the body of the page, but fortunately all the major browsers go ahead and display the title properly anyway.

Got an idea for a tip? Wish Infusionsoft did something it doesn’t? Let us know and we’ll try to help in the next Tuesday’s Tip!


  1. How can I have the name of my order form show up when I look at the contact’s Orders section. I’m using ECommerce Setup to create the order forms but when I look at the customer’s orders, I can’t tell what they purchase and I named the order form when I created it. Thanks.

    • Great question! I’ve done some looking around but wasn’t able to find a solution to this. It’d be great to have that set to the name of the order form, but I’m not aware of a way to make that happen automatically. Sorry!


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