What’s your Panama Canal?

The Panama Canal was a monumental achievement.  It cut significant time off of a voyage from the Atlantic to Pacific.  I doubt any ship that could go through the canal instead sails around south America to cross from the Atlantic to the Pacific.  It’s way more efficient to go through the canal now that it is built.

The value of a canal across Central America was recognized as early as 1513 yet it took another 500 years before construction on the present day Canal was began.

Each of us also have things on our todo lists in our lives or business that are expensive but if done would allow us to do more with the limited resources we have.  Some of these things we have recognized the value of for a long time but we haven’t done them, whether out of fear or perceived lack of resources. Is there a partnership you need to make?  Do you need to spend a few weeks re-working a process?  Do you need a vacation?  A new skill?

Whatever it is, take this time to think of the Panama Canals you haven’t built yet for yourself or your business and see if the time is now right.

Happy Sailing!


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