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Google Analytics Solutions Gallery!?!>

Did you know that Google has a Google Analytics Solutions Gallery where you can find community generated custom dashboards and reports?  There are some real jewels in there.  I tried out the most popular, Occam’s Razor Awesomeness as well as a beginner one suggested by the Google Analytics team.  Honestly not sure why these reports don’t come pre-loaded, but to each PM his own.. If you find a sweet one you think we should look at, let us know in the comments. ...

What are your business’ big rocks?

There is a common visualization where rocks are put in a jar that is already mostly full of sand, not all the rocks fit, but if you put the rocks in first then add the sand it all fits. Usually this is applied to life, and putting the important things first.  But you can also apply it to business.  What are the things you HAVE to get done in your business to grow?  Work on those first.  Do something everyday that works towards achieving your rocks. We have our rocks for Q3, and after we choose our big rocks we planned what needed to be done to achieve the big rocks. So the question is…  What are the big rocks for your business?  What are the things you really need to get done to accomplish your rocks?      ...

What do drones and marketing have in common?

Drones are a miracle of modern science.  They take user input (what you want it to do), and look at sensor data, and make adjustments so they can do what you want them to.   Consumer drones were an almost impossibility a decade ago because the low cost electronics weren’t fast enough to see what the drone needed to adjust.  By the time it knew that it needed to slow down one motor to stay level it was already turning upside down and ready to crash.  This same concept of rapid feedback is what enables cars to lower their emissions to what they are today.  Similar to drones, without this fast feedback in your online marketing there are some really awesome things you can’t do. Most small businesses still have “slow” marketing feedback.  If sales are up for the quarter marketing is good.  If sales are down for the quarter something needs to change.  The way to speed up your online marketing feedback is to fully integrate your Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics with Infusionsoft to record monetary values for conversions.  It’s technically possible to set these things up so that when someone makes a purchase you can tell Facebook and Google how much money that purchase is worth.  For subscriptions you tell Facebook / Google the lifetime value of the subscription that was purchased. We have already created a tool we use that does this for Google Analytics and we are working on one for Facebook. If you want to help test the tool and give us some feedback when it’s done, leave a comment below (or on our facebook page) and we’ll email you when it’s...

Master Your Infusionsoft Data

If you are a solo business owner, or work with only a small team, then Infusionsoft’s reporting does have a lot of tools that can help you. This won’t give you the answer to all of your questions, but it does give you a push in the right direction. To get the rest of your numbers you may still have to…

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