Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup offers an effortless and secure way to backup your Infusionsoft® data. Your data is automatically copied from Infusionsoft® every 15 minutes and stored securely in the cloud. We package up your data into a file that you can easily use to restore your data in case of an emergency, import it into other systems, or analyze it in Excel.

What gets backed up?

We automatically backup the following information from Infusionsoft®: Contacts, Orders, Payments, Products, Opportunities, Affiliates, Notes, Payment Plans, Tags, Custom Fields, Companies, and more.


Your data is stored securely in the cloud. We use industry standard encryption to keep your data safe.


Infusionsoft® restricts the amount of API calls that can be made in a given time. Because of this, the Cloud Backup service makes efficient use of the API to prevent your API access from being restricted. The backup pulls up to 1,000 records per API call, and spaces the API calls several seconds apart.

For very large Infusionsoft apps, the initial backup can take several days as we collect all your data from Infusionsoft®. Once we have a complete backup of your data, we keep it up-to-date by downloading any changes made to your Infusionsoft® app or data every 15 minutes.


  • Up to 100,000 contacts
  • Backups every 15 minutes
  • Download your data!
  • Email Notifications
  • Email Support
  • Phone Support
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*The Infusionsoft® API does not facilitate automatic restorations. We can help with restoring your data at a rate of $150/hr, or you can load it manually using the downloadable backup files.

**The Infusionsoft® API does not allow fetching of credit card numbers. For a fee they will create an encrypted CD of credit card numbers and send them to you, or your staff can securely record them manually using this procedure: