Data Warehouse for Infusionsoft®

Our data warehouse for Infusionsoft® gives you MySQL access to your Infusionsoft Data.  You data is securely stored in the Amazon cloud using RDS. We provide you a secure connection to your data that allows you to create custom reports using Crystal Reports, Tableau, direct SQL queries, and other popular reporting platforms.


Support is offered via email and our support page for all packages, and via phone for the enterprise package.  Phone support is also available for the first 30 days with the Premium package.


As any Infusionsoft API developer will tell you, the Infusionsoft schema is a little different…  You can view Infusionsoft’s Table documentation here: and download a mysql dump of the data warehouse schema here.


+$699 one-time setup fee
  • Up to 100,000 contacts
  • MySQL
  • Download your data!
  • Status Dashboard
  • Email Support
  • Phone Support
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Q: Can I create my own tables and views?
Q: How up to date is the data?
A: With Infusionsoft Apps with less then 50k contact records, data is updated every 15 minutes.  Sometimes, if you update thousands of contacts at once, the update can lag behind a little bit, but generaly you can count on 30 minutes or better.  For apps with more then 50k contacts, we still trigger an update every 15 minutes, but depending upon the number of changes the sync can take longer.  But generaly, no longer then an hour.
Q: Will this exhaust my API Tokens?
A: No, The Data-warehouse will consume as few as 30 API tokens per data update, and then approx 2 additional token per thousand updated records.  It takes about a minute to sync 1000 records (depending upon the table), so you can count on 2 to 4 tokens per minute.  Infusionsoft grants an application 2 tokens per second, so you should be fine.
Q: Will this slow down my application?
A: No, one of Infusionsoft’s original clients contacted us to get their Infusionsoft App of over 1.5 million contacts synced.  While getting their data warehouse synced we worked with Infusionsoft’s systems team to get our queries as efficient as possible.  Granted, our sync does consume resources, so it is entirely possible some actions may be slower while we are syncing, however, we’ve never had anyone notice or complain about it.
Q: Does this sync everything?
A: No, we sync everything possible via the API.  This includes most tables, however, it does not include Campaigns.  While there is a table called “Campaigns” these are for legacy “Follow-Up Sequences” not Campaigns as they are today.
Q: What about custom fields?
A: Yup, we sync all of those automatically.  If you add or remove one, we take care of it on the next sync without any extra effort from you.