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Top 5 Best Infusionsoft Custom Reports For Actual Meaningful Insight Into Your Business

This is one of the most important reports because it empowers a lot of crucial data points for the Product, Sales and Financial functions of your business.

From a Chief Product Officer standpoint, this report gives a high level breakdown of what specific Offers are actually selling which indicates the general health of their…

Website Backups – How To Do It Yourself

You never know when you’re going to have a website disaster. At Novak Solutions, we’ve been called in to help with all kinds of website deaths. We’ve seen websites taken down by viruses, websites taken over by viruses, websites lost due to unpaid hosting, websites lost due to an angry ex-employee or ex-contractor, and websites that just broke for no apparent reason. Most small businesses in the Infusionsoft space have Wordpress websites, which is awesome … until it isn’t. Wordpress is notorious for becoming bloated and buggy when a website is modified over and over and over again. Our own Wordpress website became so slow that we decided to completely rebuild it when did our last redesign instead of modifying what we already had.

The point is – your website is an incredibly valuable piece of your business, and you’ve probably invested thousands or tens of thousands of dollars in it. No matter where your website is hosted or who manages it for you, you need to keep a backup. A website backup gives you two crucial…

Tuesday’s Tip: Playing the Long Game

Recently I picked up an old game my friends used to play.  Sid Meyer’s Civilization.  It is a fascinating game.  Combining politics, war, social dynamics, intrigue, supply, diplomacy, science, etc…  A unique difference about it vs most video games is that you have to be playing about 10 turns ahead (this equates to about 30 min of play time, and 50 years in game time).  If you want to attack someone, unless you have boat loads of money to purchase units, you have to start building an army ahead of time.  Armies cost money to maintain and so you can’t keep a large standing army and once you’ve defeated your enemy you have to cut back your army size or else you’ll use all your money just keeping them alive.  Do you need to make friends with someone so you can cross their territory with your army and not start a war with them. In the world of small business (and life) things are similar.  Everyday we have a long list of tasks that seems never ending many of those tasks likely have little to no long term significance.  I read a great article here: that talked about how you should allow yourself to procrastinate to work on significant things.  As I was playing the game, I realized that in my own life, I’m not playing the 10 turns ahead, I’m playing it about a week ahead.  I realized this, and when I got to work this morning I shared my thoughts with Jordan and we identified where we are lacking in Novak Solutions and what we need to do...
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