3 Infusionsoft Data Corruption Events That Could Cripple Your Business

3 Infusionsoft Data Corruption Events That Could Cripple Your Business

Your business depends on Infusionsoft – and that’s a good thing. Infusionsoft provides rock solid marketing automation and your business would barely be treading water without it.

But how safe is your Infusionsoft data?  I mean – what are the chances that your data might just disappear, or that half of your contacts inexplicably lose all of their tags?

The Good and The Bad…

First – let’s give you some peace of mind.  Infusionsoft uses strong industry practices to safeguard your data. They do run regular backups and data corruption is rare.

Now – the bad news. While rare, data corruption happens sometimes every once in a while. We’ve all been using computers since we were kids, right? We’ve all had a Word document decide to die on us and we lost our homework back in high school.  We’ve all hit the backspace key while filling out a survey online and our computer decided to go back a page and killed all that information we had already typed in (How many of you actually went back and filled it in right away as opposed to slapping the keyboard in frustration and going to eat an ice cream bar?)

3 Infusionsoft Data Loss Events We’ve Seen First-Hand

In the world of Infusionsoft, there are a number of things that can cause data loss, nearly all of it related to human error, but either way you’re left struggling to get your business running again after taking a couple of days to rip your hair out in frustration.  Here are 3 examples of data loss events that Novak Solutions has been witness to over the years.

1.Self-inflicted misery – Even the most awesomely apt tech guys, yeah – that’s us ;), can shoot themselves in the foot. One day we were taking a look at our Accounts Receivables in Infusionsoft, someone hit the wrong buttons and we told Infusionsoft to delete every contact that had an outstanding invoice to pay.

I still don’t know how we managed to do this. It wasn’t like we’re inexperienced using Infusionsoft, but we still hit the wrong buttons and effectively turned off our revenue stream in one click.  We were able to restore all of these most important of business records through some help from Infusionsoft support and a good bit of API work on our end to put our data back together.

2.Random data corruption – One of our awesome clients had a totally random data loss event. We have no explanation for it, but we did hear that it happened to a couple of other Infusionsoft accounts at the same time.  All of the data stored in the Company custom fields was erased. The regular Company fields were not affected, but every custom field on the Company records were blank when they got to work in the morning.  This was one of our top clients, and we have extensive data backups of their data, so we were able to get them back up in less than 20 minutes.

3.Total Chaos – This is another one of those “fat-finger” mistakes.  A staff member of a reputable company was doing a regular old Opportunity update. But – they did not notice that they had the wrong search results up, and they accidentally assigned every Opportunity record in their Infusionsoft application to themselves. So, like, total chaos, right?  Unless this staff member were Superman, he’s not going to be doing all of those follow-ups on his own – they needed the Owners put back, and they needed it fast.  Fortunately, this client was a subscriber to our CloudBackup solution, and it only took us about an hour to get all of the Opportunity records set back to the correct Owner.

Not IF, but WHEN…

Every company is going to experience a negative Infusionsoft data event. Most will be minor, maybe you can’t find a Contact because someone thought it was a duplicate and deleted it. Or you applied the wrong tag to a large group and now their custom fields have been inconveniently randomized.  It happens to everyone.  Some of you are going to experience absolute chaos, at least once, in the course of running a business.

What can you do about it?

Infusionsoft support can help you. They run two backups per week for every Infusionsoft application. So if you have a data corruption event happen on Thursday, and the last backup was taken on Monday, then they can restore the lost data to how it was back on Monday.  This is good, but you’re still going to have some significant risk of data loss.  Plus – they charge you for the data restoration, maybe only $200 or $300 for a simple restore, but significantly more if it is a large data loss event.

The other source of help is our Cloud Backup tool.  Unlike Infusionsoft, we don’t run backups twice a week, we run backups ALL THE TIME.  We keep a mirror of your Infusionsoft data on our own servers, and we keep things in-sync every 15 minutes.  If you messed something up on Thursday at 4pm, we can show you what the data was at 3:30pm.  There are some things we can’t restore – but 9 out of 10 data issues we can solve for you and with our tool you can even check your data yourself.

How Much Are YOU At Risk?

Our Cloud Backup tool is not for everyone. That’s why we created a free data risk assessment so you can see for yourself how much a data loss could impact your business.

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