Tuesday’s Tip: Recover from failed recurring billings in Infusionsoft

If you sell products or services with recurring billing then you’ve likely run into the common issue of expired or rejected credit cards. This isn’t the sort of problem that resolves itself. You have to proactively get new payment information from your customer so you can continue billing. Luckily for us, Infusionsoft has provided a free campaign template for this exact situation.

To set up a campaign to automatically help with recovering failed recurring billings, check out the Infusionsoft Marketplace: log into Infusionsoft, go to the Campaign Builder, and click the Marketplace button. Look for the Collect All Recurring Billings campaign, and click the Install button. This will copy the campaign template and configuration instructions to your app and redirect you to your Campaign Builder page.

Next, click on the Collect All Recurring Billings campaign. You should see instructions for setting it up, including how to configure a trigger when an autocharge attempt fails. Setup is incredibly easy, and the campaign walks you through it step-by-step.

This campaign is easy to customize for your own needs. For example, you could combine this campaign with our Profile and Payments automation to allow your customers to update their payment information on their own.

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