Profile and Payments

The no-sweat solution for maintaining up to date customer data and billing information.

Customer managed profiles save you time and money

As an Infusionsoft® user, you already know the value of streamlining the sales process and maintaining up to date consumer data. And as an entrepreneur you know that outdated customer data and billing information can reduce the effectiveness of a marketing campaign, delay revenue, and ultimately serve as an obstacle on the path to a highly efficient sales and marketing system.

Profile and Payments makes gathering up-to-date customer information effortless

Our Profile and Payments solution gives your Infusionsoft® contacts the ability to create a login and personal profile via your website where they can update their name, address, and payment information at any time without having to contact your support team. Once entered, this information is instantly updated within your Infusionsoft® app effectively removing the need to manually enter the data. This direct pipeline to your customers’ most recent information keeps your cashflow going, your marketing data current, and frees up administrative man hours that can instead be spent on growing your business.

Profile and Payments lets your customers update their information even if you don’t use CustomerHub or another membership management platform. All you need is Infusionsoft.

Fully customizable and easy to modify

Maintaining visual uniformity in all areas of your website is important to creating a user experience that reinforces your brand identity while projecting a professional and secure online presence. As part of the setup process, our team will customize your Profile and Payments portal to match your Infusionsoft® cart resulting in a visually seamless integration.

Once set up, you’ll have the ability to instantly update and/or modify the design of your profile portal as often as you need. Our user friendly features include complete CSS control of the entire page, three custom HTML areas, and the ability to upload a header image with a simple drag and drop.

A secure connection on every page

Safeguarding the sensitive information retrieved from or entered into your Profile and Payments portal is a top priority. Our use of industry best practices means personal information stays safe. We use HTTPS on every page, breeding confidence in your customers while giving you peace of mind.


Only $69 per month as part of Automation Center.

Your contacts can update their information as often as needed for only $69 per month. There is no limit on the number of contacts that update their information, and no limit on the number of updates they make.

Convenience that adds to your bottom line

Outdated or inaccurate contact info is a silent cash flow killer. Giving your customers the ability to update their billing and contact information the minute it changes means that Profile and Payments will not only pay for itself month after month, but our usage-based rate for light users and low price cap for heavy users means an outstanding return-on-investment.

Get started with Profile and Payments today and see why providing your customers with the convenience of updating their information online and eliminating the arduous task of manual updates is an absolute win-win for the growth-focused entrepreneur.

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