Tuesday’s Tip: One-click Upsell for WordPress just got better

We’ve been hard at work improving the One-click Upsell plugin for WordPress and have a few new features we’d love to share with you. As a reminder, this plugin is completely free and fully supported. It works on both order form and shopping cart “Thank You” pages.

The plugin now lets you optionally use an image for your upsell button. Simply specify the image URL, width, and height, and it’ll be used instead of a standard form submit button.

Now you can use your own button graphics instead of a boring gray form button.

Now you can use your own button graphics instead of a boring gray form button.

We’ve also made it easier to add upsell buttons to your pages. Just click the blue up arrow in your editor, fill out the short form, and click Add shortcode. This saves you from having to look up or remember shortcode options.

Click the blue upsell arrow to easily add an upsell button to your page.

Click the blue upsell arrow to easily add an upsell button to your page.

Installing this plugin is very easy:

  1. Log in to your WordPress account and go to the Plugins page
  2. Click Add New at the top of the page
  3. Search for Infusionsoft One-click Upsell
  4. Click Install Now for the Infusionsoft One-click Upsell plugin
  5. Once installed, click Activate Plugin

This plugin requires some configuration. Go to the plugin’s settings page for instructions on how to configure the plugin and how to use it.

Have a suggestion for an improvement to this plugin? Please let us know in the comments to this post!


  1. I get an error something like this: fatalerror “/home/wp-content/plugins/oneclickupsell/” on line 232

    • I’d be happy to help troubleshoot this. Can you provide the actual error message, and let me know which version of the plugin you are using?

  2. Plugin Version is: 2.2.2

    The error message says:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function is_plugin_active() in /home/eddy/webapps/hpmop/wp-content/plugins/infusionsoft-one-click-upsell/InfusionsoftOneClickUpsell.php on line 232

    And yes, the plugin is active…

    Thanks in advance!

    • Thanks for letting me know about this problem! I’ve pushed a new version of the plugin that fixes this issue.

      • That was quick and it works, thanks alot!

        However not with my Wishlist Member integration…

        Maybe you have a hint how it could work?

        The integration is very simple: the “thank you page” for a product is the “register page” for the membership level. And “pass persons info to thank you page” is supposed to be set to yes so the register form is already prepopulated with name and email adress.

        After the upsell is finished it ads some variables to the wishlist register url and I think thats what screws it up. It doesn`t even go to the proper register form.

        Any quick fixes for that?

        Thanks in advance!

  3. “Subscription Plan Free Trial” does not work with an upsell?

    I set up a “Subscription Plan Free Trial” for 60 days with the criteria “Purchased between 1 and 1 Product XY.”

    If my customer buys my “product XY” as an upsell and takes the upsell for my subscription as well, he has to pay right away and does not get the 60 day free trial. Even though he just bought “Product XY”, its not in the cart any more and the criteria doesn`t match.

    So how can I upsell my subscription with a free trial preiod of 60 days?

    thanks in advance

    • Sorry, it doesn’t currently apply free trials. I’ve added this to the roadmap for a future version.

      • too bad it doesn`t support free trials yet.

        I guess a free plugin is not your highest priority, but can you tell if it will be more like 3 weeks or 3 months?

        Thanks for this free plugin and the great support!

      • I’ll probably take a look at it next week to figure out what is required, and have it ready to go sometime the week after that. As you said, the free tools aren’t our highest priority, so I can’t commit to this timeline.

  4. Hi Jacob, whats the status of the plugin? Did you find time to work on it?

    • Sorry, haven’t gotten to it. My family has been sick the past few weeks so I haven’t had extra time to work on anything fun like this.

  5. one more question: does the upsell work only with creditcards? My customers who want to pay with paypal are having problems…

    • Yes, it currently works with credit cards only.

  6. is it a big deal to add paypal functionality?

  7. Is it possible to use this plugin with Paypal Flow instead of a traditional merchant account?

    • Sorry, no. The plugin doesn’t support PayPal yet.


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