Tuesday’s Tip: WordPress One-click Upsell for Infusionsoft

Our latest free WordPress plugin, Infusionsoft One-click Upsell, makes it easy to sell additional products to your customers. Simply use the upsell shortcode on any Thank You page or post. The plugin will add a “buy now” button for whatever product you choose. If the customer clicks the button, the product will be purchased using the last credit card that they used.

Installing this plugin is very easy:

  1. Log in to your WordPress account and go to the Plugins page
  2. Click Add New at the top of the page
  3. Search for Infusionsoft One-click Upsell
  4. Click Install Now for the Infusionsoft One-click Upsell plugin
  5. Once installed, click Activate Plugin

This plugin requires some configuration. Go to the plugin’s settings page for instructions on how to configure the plugin and how to use it.

Have a suggestion for an improvement to this plugin? Please let us know in the comments to this post!


  1. I will definitely try this! Thank you!

    • Wow guys, you did it again! I will definitely be trying this plugin out. Thanks for all you guys do here at Novak!

  2. I was curious if you are able to add ‘multi-1 click up sell?”

    For example, after your customer select ‘Yes’ I’ll take the up sell, or ‘no thanks’, then send them to a second page with another offer with the same functionality.

    • Absolutely! The shortcode allows you to specify a “success” URL that the customer will be sent to after the purchase is completed. You could easily add another upsell button on this second “thank you” page.

  3. Hi Jacob, can you give me an example on how to add the “success” url to the short code? I read through the plugin documentation and couldn’t not see an example of proper syntax. for example

    If I wanted this: [upsell product_id=”19″ button_text=”YES! Add To Order”] to redirect to http://google.com on a successful upsell, what would be the proper syntax for that? is it something like success=”“?

    also, is it possible to add a tag to the upsell/downsell so I can tag contacts to know if they did or did not take the offer from a series of upsell/downsells?

    Thanks so much for your reply in advance.

    • It’d look like this:
      [upsell product_id="19" button_text="YES! Add To Order" success_url="http://google.com"]

  4. I see my example got stripped what I wrote was… something like this success=”URL HERE”

    • The plugin comes with a Usage page that lists all the available attributes.

  5. Hey Jacob, great plugin btw! I’m trying to do the same thing as Bishop… Does the success url = “http://site.com” automatically pass the contact’s info to the next page where I can have another Add to Cart button for the second 1-click upsell?

    • Yes, it passes the contact ID and order ID to the success page. Those are the only fields required to do a second upsell.

    • Yes it does!, Jacob designed it to pass the necessary parameters to continue a 1 click process to multiple pages. If you want to use the downsell function and pass the params, just add: ?[downsell] to your url.



  6. Hmm… I thought I had everything setup correctly, but the upsell orders are failing.

    My order form is passing the contact info, I see that contact info in the upsell thank you page url, the shortcode doesn’t seem to be broken as the button is rendering… but I’m getting directed to the failure URL and no orders are being placed.

    Would love some help on this…

    • Can you check to make sure you have the latest version of the plugin? There was an issue in a previous version that prevented it from working with order forms.

      • That completely fixed the issue 🙂 Embarrassingly simple… but HUGE thanks, Jacob.

  7. Jacob, we us the default infusionsoft storefront and shopping cart. Will this plugin work with this? For example they make a purchase, then directed to our wordpress thank you page where they will be redirected to the upsell back in the storefront for the upsell product?

    • It would work for you, but keep in mind that the customer would never go back to your storefront.

      The customer would purchase using your storefront and would get sent to your WordPress page as the “thank you” page. You’d use this plugin to offer an upsell. If the customer clicks the button to order the upsell, then the API is used to create the order and charge the customer without them having to enter any additional information. The customer is then sent to whatever additional “thank you” page you want, which you pick when creating the upsell link.

      • Thanks Jacob, looks like would be more for offering one product as an upsell instead of an upsell offer of giving a discount to a whole category of products in the storefront that they choose from.

      • Ron, correct. This plugin is for offering a specific product as an upsell, not a discount for a category of products.

        It is often used with our Cart Redirect (http://novaksolutions.com/automations/cart-redirect/) product to send the customer to a “thank you” page that has a relevant upsell chain of specific products related to what the customer purchased.

  8. Hey, is it possible to use it with our own button graphics, rather than CSS? I know how to make button, but not how to do CSS… 🙂


    • You can use your own button graphics, but you’ll have to use CSS to apply the button graphic to your upsell button. We have plans to make this easier to do for non-coders, but it probably won’t be available until after ICON14 later this month.

    • Oliver, I had a few spare minutes so I updated the one-click upsell to let you use an image instead of the plain boring submit button. If you install the latest version (1.2.0) you’ll be able to specify a default image, and/or use attributes on the shortcode to specify an image for each upsell button (see the usage instructions included with the plugin).

      • That’s fantastic, thanks! 🙂

  9. Hi jacob,

    I noticed today that someone was able to add (2) product items at our “one time introductory price” that can only be added throughout the 1 click up-sell plugin. Is there anyway to keep people from being able to do that? We use the 1-click up-sell plugin to offer a very low cost product up-sell and we can’t let people add multiple quantities at this “1 time, special offer price”.


    • Currently, no. If the customer goes back and clicks the upsell button again, they’ll get the upsell a second (or third or fourth) time. There isn’t currently a mechanism to stop this.

      Maybe it could add a tag to the customer indicating which upsell product they bought, and the code can display a “you’ve already bought this” message when they click the button a second time. I’ll bring this issue up with my team and see if they like this idea or have a better one.

  10. Jacob, can I get a demo from you on how this works at ICON? Where can we meet up?

    • Absolutely, please visit our booth at ICON! We’ll be showing off several of our products, including One-click Upsell.

  11. I know this has nothing to do with the wordpress plugin, but that’s exactly my problem! All the info I find for one click upsell is for wordpress, but I am NOT using wordpress… I thought since Jacob seems so knowledgeable and helpful (you’re awesome Jacob!) he might be able to help me… I’m building the ppsell page in dreamweaver and my question is:

    Where can I find the code to incorporate with the “Buy now” upsell button on my webpage?

    • Unfortunately, this plugin requires WordPress and won’t work without it. Many Infusionsoft users use WordPress because it is easy to setup, and has lots of Infusionsoft plugins available for it.

      It would take a fair amount of effort to convert it to work outside of WordPress, and we’d have to charge for that effort. If you are interested in discussing pricing and details, please call us at 480-725-3434.

  12. Does this plugin allow upsells of infusionsoft subscriptions.

    • No, it will not create a subscription. It only does an upsell for a single, one-time purchase.

      We would consider adding this feature in if there was interest in it.

      • Hey Jacob. Thanks for staying on top of these updates 🙂 I agree/express high demand in Casey’s request for a one-click to subscription feature. This would be incredibly useful.

      • Hey Jacob,

        Have you thought anymore about the one-click upsell to recurring functionality?

      • Yes, I got a few people saying they are interested in it. We’re in the middle of prepping a new product for launch, so haven’t had time to look into the effort involved in this, but I think it is something we’ll be able to put out in the next week or two.

      • Awesome. Thanks Jacob. Good luck on the launch, and excited to see what you come up with on the plugin updates.

      • The one click upsell for subscriptions is something we would be interested in as well. Thanks for all the great info you put out!

  13. Hi Jacob – we’re looking into using this tool in the hope that it would solve a problem we have with our current solution for doing 1-click Upsells…
    Today we use an Action Set in IFS to create the upsell order ‘on the fly’. This works (using the last successful credit card, i assume) but it also introduces a delay of 2-8 hours before the cc charge is sent to our processing gateway. I have know idea why it needs to work that way, but it does.
    Anyway – we want to move to a solution that avoids this delay by charging the CC immediately, like the other Legacy Order Forms do, that we use. (We use those Legacy forms so that we can style them and embed them in our own website /pages any way we’d like).
    Does your solution create an order with an immediate charge of the cc? and, i assume an immediate report back of success/failure?
    What does it use for this?

    • Yes, it makes the charge immediately and takes the user to either a success page or a failure page of your choice. It uses the customer’s last used CC.

      • Thanks, Jacob!
        And what is the mechanism by which it reports success/failure?
        (want to know if it’s going to trigger standard Billing Automation and how I will use the response to begin my back-office automation)

      • It redirects to the success or failure page of your choice. Billing automations will only run if you’ve configured Infusionsoft to “Run Purchase Actions On All Orders” (E-Commerce -> Settings).

  14. Cool. I’m using the plugin now and it’s working great.
    I have a question though. Can I output the contacts name on to an upsell page (it’s in the url string). I used to do this with php pages using , but don’t know how to do it in wordpress?
    I’d assume it’s easy to output any of the IFS contacts data with your sdk installed? (if you know what you are doing).


  15. we used output on php like this: $_GET[“inf_field_FirstName”]


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