Tuesday’s Tips: Creating post-sale upsell chains for Infusionsoft

We’ve had a lot of interest in our Infusionsoft One-click Upsell plugin for WordPress. Thanks to feedback from our visitors we have improved the plugin to work with both shopping carts and order forms, and we’ve improved the documentation.

An upsell chain is where one upsell leads to another. For example, your customer buys product A, and you offer an upsell for product B on your “thank you” page. The customer buys the upsell. Great! Now you offer them product C, and then product D, and so on until the customer stops buying your products. Upsell chains can be a powerful way to earn more per customer. The barrier to purchase is already low and it takes just a single click for them to complete the additional purchase.

Creating upsell chains with Infusionsoft One-click Upsell is incredibly easy. The first step is to create your initial upsell button using the upsell shortcode. It could look something like this:

[[upsell product_id="12" button_text="Order Product B" success_url="http://example.com/product-b-thank-you/"]]

This will display a button with the text “Order Product B”. If the customer clicks it, they’ll receive product #12 and then they’ll be directed to http://example.com/product-b-thank-you/.

The next step is to add another upsell button on the Product B Thank You page. It might look something like this:

[[upsell product_id="13" button_text="Order Product C" success_url="http://example.com/product-c-thank-you/"]]

And so on and so on, with as many upsells as you think makes sense for your business model.

You also have the opportunity to downsell. For example, if they didn’t bite on Product B you could offer them Product D instead, which might be a lower-priced version of the product. To do this, you could include a link to Product D on the same page as the Product B upsell. It could look something like this:

<a href="http://example.com/product-d-offer/?[[downsell]]">No Thanks</a>

The ?[[downsell]] part adds the necessary contact and order information to the URL so Infusionsoft One-click Upsell can work on the Product D Offer page.

Do you have any ideas on what could make the Infusionsoft One-click Upsell plugin even better? Please let us know! We want this to be a valuable free tool for the Infusionsoft community.

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  1. Hi… How can you place a NO THANKS that actually STOPS the upsell chain…? This means taking the customer to finish and close the transaction by allowing they say NO THANKS!
    On ONTRAPORT this is done by specifying a NO url that stops the upsell chain.

    Please let me know. TXS


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