Tuesday’s Tip: Use the Infusionsoft API to do split testing

Split testing is a method of trying different marketing messages and materials to find out which is most effective. You take a group of contacts, split them into multiple groups, and send different materials to the different groups. For example, you could try a different call to action, a different campaign sequence, or even something as simple as different colors within an email.

Infusionsoft doesn’t provide a built-in way of splitting your contacts into multiple groups, but you can use the API to assist you. I’m not going to make you figure out how to do this on your own. Instead, I’m giving you a fully working API script that I’ve been using for Novak Solutions. You’ll still need a basic knowledge of how to use PHP scripts, but you won’t have to do any coding.

Download the script

I’ve packaged up our Infusionsoft SDK along with the split testing script into a single, easy to download package. Download it here and unzip it to a server or computer with PHP.


Set your API key

Copy Infusionsoft/config.sample.php to Infusionsoft/config.php. Edit config.php with your app name and API key. If you aren’t sure how to do this, check out this YouTube video.

Create a saved search

Create a saved search in Infusionsoft that contains the contacts you’d like to split into multiple groups. You can run the split-testing.php script to get a list of your saved searches with their ID numbers.

Once you know your saved search ID, edit split-testing.php with your saved search ID and saved search user ID. The file contains instructions on how to do this.

Create tags

Create a new tag for each group. For example, if you want to test three different color schemes, you might create the tags Green, Red, and Blue.

Update split-testing.php with the tag ID numbers for your new tags. For example, your code may look like $tags = array(123, 124, 125);.

Apply the tags

Once your edited split-testing.php with your saved search ID, saved search user ID, and tag IDs, run the script. The script will grab all the contacts from the saved search and apply your chosen tags to them in equal proportions. For example, if you have 100 contacts and 2 tags, you’ll get 50 contacts with one tag and 50 contacts with the other.

This process can take a considerable amount of time depending on how many contacts you have in your saved search.

Start split testing!

Now that your contacts are split into multiple groups, start split testing! You can easily funnel contacts with specific tags into specific campaign sequences, or send modified email broadcasts to different groups of contacts.

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