Tuesday’s Tip: Use the Infusionsoft Campaign Builder with Google Chrome

Update 5/20/2014: Infusionsoft has updated the Campaign Builder to work with Google Chrome without having to jump through any hoops. This means this tip is no longer needed. Hurray!


The Campaign Builder is a powerful drag and drop tool that makes it easy to create complex campaigns. Unfortunately, it refuses to open unless you are using Firefox. Infusionsoft has chosen to do this because they don’t want to commit the resources to testing the Campaign Builder with multiple browsers. Fortunately, there is an easy way to trick your Infusionsoft app into thinking you are using Firefox even if you are actually using Chrome.

First, you’ll need a user agent switching extension. Each browser has a unique user agent string that identifies its name and version number. Infusionsoft uses this user agent string to determine whether you are using Firefox, and to prevent you from using the Campaign Builder if you aren’t. A user agent switching extension lets you tell your browser to pretend it is Firefox (or a number of other browsers). You can get User-Agent Switcher, an easy to use user agent switching extension, from the Chrome Web Store.

Once the extension is installed, you’ll see a mask icon added to your browser. Click the mask and select Firefox on Windows (or on Mac if you are a Mac user). You should now be able to go to the Campaign Builder in your Infusionsoft App.

In my testing I haven’t encountered anything in the Campaign Builder that doesn’t work in Chrome. However, to be safe you may want to make a copy of any campaign you plan on modifying before using it in Chrome, just in case there really is an incompatibility between Campaign Builder and Chrome, or in case an incompatibility shows up in a future Infusionsoft update.

Important note: The User-Agent Switcher extension will change your user agent for all websites you visit, so be sure to change it back to Default when you are done with the Campaign Builder.

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