Tuesday’s Tip: Update your order form theme to get the latest Infusionsoft improvements

Infusionsoft frequently updates the code that runs your order forms, shopping carts, and other Infusionsoft pages. Some of these updates are applied automatically, but some of them require a bit of action on your part. There are a few steps required in order to use the latest order form code.

Do you need to update?

Unfortunately Infusionsoft doesn’t provide an obvious way of knowing which version of the order form code you are running. There aren’t any version numbers in the source code, and no version number is displayed within Infusionsoft.

You can keep your eye on the release notes to see when something important changes, or you can make updating your theme part of your regular maintenance routine (perhaps every quarter or six months).

Create a new theme

In Infusionsoft, go to E-Commerce then select Order Form Themes. Click Create a New Theme. From here you can select whichever theme you want. Again, the themes don’t have version numbers so there isn’t really a way of knowing if a theme has been updated or not.

Give your theme a name. I like to include the original theme name and the date, for example something like Basic Grey, 2014-02-24. This makes it easy to remember which theme you used as a base and when you last updated.

Customize your theme

Transfer your theme customizations from the old theme to the new theme: select images, copy HTML areas, copy labels, and copy custom CSS. I highly recommend keeping your CSS customizations separate from the default CSS code. Intermingling your CSS with Infusionsoft’s CSS will make updating much more difficult.

Make your new theme active

You have a new theme but none of your order forms are using it yet. Edit your orders forms and make your new theme the active theme. I highly recommend testing your new theme with a test order form before updating all of your order forms.

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