Tuesday’s Tip: Identifying Your Most Interested Leads

It’s the end of the month, you need to close one more deal, and you KNOW there is somebody in your database who wants to buy, you just aren’t sure who…  What if you had a count of how many interactions you had with each customer.  How many links they’ve clicked, forms filled out, and you know the last time they interacted with you.  Do you think you could find that person you can close today?

While Infusionsoft has Lead Scoring, it doesn’t give you a running total you can use in this case.  However, an easy way to track this is to use a custom field, and our free “Field Math” tool that is included in our Free Campaign Tools.  Use the Field Math tool to increment that custom field value every time a contact does something that indicates interest.  This could be filling out a webform, clicking a link, or other actions.

Checkout how to use our Field Math plugin:


  1. Great tip! Except the video shows how to do A/B testing instead of how to set up the Field Math plugin. The video was awesome but can you fix?

  2. I’m with Lisa. Good stuff here, but I’d love to see the Field Math video.

    • Sorry about that, it’s fixed now.

  3. I see A/B testing as well. Looking for Interested Leads. Thanks

    • It’s fixed now.

  4. This is fixed now, sorry about that.


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