Tuesday’s Tip: Get More Opt-Ins with Icegram

A client of ours told me about this gem.  It’s called Icegram.  It lets you bring attention to Call To Actions on your website with a multi-tude of options from chat boxes, to headers, to popups.  And! You can use it with Infusionsoft!!  But wait, There’s More!  It’s Free!

Rather then downloading it, install it just like a normal wordpress plugin.

Now, go ahead and create a new “Campaign” by clicking in the wordpress admin bar on “Icegram” (should be under comments). And then “Add New Campaign”.

2015-09-28 16_44_53-Page Cache _ W3 Total Cache ‹ Novak Solutions — WordPressNext, you need to create a new message.  Play with the options some, and see what you like.  Once you have what you want, scroll down and click on the “Use Opt-in / Subscritpoion / Lead Capture Form” button.

2015-09-28 16_44_05-Edit Campaign ‹ Novak Solutions — WordPress

Now, open up an Infusionsoft Web Form, click on “Get The Code” and get the un-styled code.  Paste it into the “Form Embed Code”.  Now save everything and check out your hard work.2015-09-28 16_44_25-Edit Campaign ‹ Novak Solutions — WordPress




  1. Nice tip on Icegram. Thanks Joey!

  2. Nice!


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