Tuesday’s Tip: Add an SSL Lock And Text To Infusionsoft Order Forms or Shopping Cart

Ever seen those “Secured by SSL” locks / images?  That means a lot to some people.  So we created an easy way to add it to your order forms and shopping cart.

First, download this image (right click and select “Save image as…”):

Next, you need to upload it someplace.  Doesn’t matter where, as long as it is on an ssl site (Amazon S3 is a quick and easy place to put it).

Finaly, just paste the HTML below into the “Footer” area of your Shopping Cart or Order Form.  Change the “image-url-here” to the url of the image.  This will give you a nice looking compact image and text that re-assures people who are concerned about the security of their information.

   This site is secured by SSL (Using AES256 and RSA)
   <img src="image-url-here" align="top" width="16">

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