Testing Infusionsoft order forms

Update 4/24/2014: Infusionsoft no longer provides the “Dummy” merchant account provider, so this tip is no longer valid. You have to use a real merchant account in order to test your signup processes.

Testing an order form is something you should always do before going live, and frequently you need to test an order form after it has already gone live! How do you do that?

It’s easy! First, make sure you have a test merchant account. Go to your E-Commerce Payment Options page and add a new merchant account. Select Dummy as the type. Enter anything you want for the details, but leave it set to Test Mode.

Next, open the order form you want to test and at the bottom you will see a “Clone” button. Click this button. It will prompt you for a prefix for the order form and type “TEST ” (no quotes). This will help you differentiate the test order form from the real one.

Now, edit the test order form and set the merchant account to your test merchant account.

Open the order form, fill it out, and for credit card information select Visa and put in 4111111111111111. That is a 4 with fifteen 1‘s after it. This is a generic test Visa card number. It works with almost all merchant accounts in test mode. Put in any date in the future for expiration date, and put in anything you want for the cv2 code. Your order should be processed successfully.

That’s it!¬†Pretty simple huh?

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