Tuesday’s Tip: Stop an Infusionsoft campaign without deleting it

Infusionsoft doesn’t let you pause campaigns. Once your campaign has gone live, the only option you are given is to un-publish and delete it. But what if you need to put it on hold for a few days? Or what if you want to stop the campaign, but leave it in your account so you can repurpose it for a new campaign? This simple workaround makes that possible!

First, edit your campaign. Next, select the line going from your entry goal to your sequence. Hit the delete key to make it disappear.


Once the connection to your sequence is gone and your campaign is published, your contacts won’t be able to enter your sequence. The campaign is effectively paused.


But what about contacts that are already in a sequence? If you want to remove them from the sequence, hover over the sequence and click the blue people icon.


Click Actions, then Start/Stop a Campaign Sequence.


From this screen you can choose which campaign and sequence to stop. Select Stop in the first box, your campaign in the second box, and the specific campaign sequence in the third box. Click Process Action to stop the campaign sequence. You can repeat this step if you need to stop multiple campaign sequences.


To get your campaign going again, all you have to do is re-connect your goal to your sequence, then publish your campaign.


  1. Can you use a tag to start/stop people inside a campaign? All the above is manual, but would be more useful if it could be done by the customer applying or removing a tag from their record automatically.

  2. Hey Jacob – I love the tips you put out in this series! Thanks for continuing to share the brilliance of Novak Solutions with the Infusionsoft Community. 🙂

    I wanted to point out one thing related to this solution that may give you an alternative to the method above. While it may be a bit counterintuitive, the easiest way I’ve found to stop a sequence, temporarily or permanently, is to simply mark the sequence as draft and re-publish it. That will essentially turn off the sequence for everyone that is currently in it, or would be added to it in the future. If at a future date you want to turn it back on, just republish and it will recalculate where people should be and pick up from there (note: this does not mean it will pick up where it left off.)

    • Thanks for the info! I can see both methods being useful in different situations.


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