Biz Tip: Setup an IVR (Phone Menu)

IVR’s are those magic phone systems most companies have when someone calls. As much as I would love to have a full-time receptionist, it just isn’t practical¬†for our business.¬†We wanted our IVR to be different, and not lame. Give it a call at (480) 725-3434 to check it out.

It isn’t hard to setup one of these either. Using a combination of Twilio and OpenVBX it can be setup in about an hour. While we don’t manage IVRs as a normal part of our business, we may do it as a sign of goodwill for somewhere around $500 for a couple of phone lines if you would like some assistance. Give us a call and we’ll work something out.

If you want to set it up yourself, here is what we recommend: Start with a timer widget so you can set your open hours. If your office is open, send them to a menu widget, otherwise a message saying you’re closed and then to voice mail. Earlier this week, I said to turn off voice mail, but this voice mail can be automatically sent to your email account, so it flows well. Make your menu recording interesting and brief. Make sure all menus include a “0” option so people who are impatient and push 0 go somewhere (like a receptionist or other individual that can help route the call to the right person). That’s it.

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