Tuesday’s Tip: Set merge defaults in Infusionsoft

One of the powerful marketing tools available in Infusionsoft is the ability to customize email templates and broadcasts based on the contact’s details, the contact’s owner, or the currently logged in user.

For example, you may want the signature of an email to show the contact information for an employee that most frequently interacts with a particular contact (e.g., the contact owner). Or you may want to customize an email with the contact’s first name.

This works great except in the occasional situation where the information you are trying to use is missing. For example, if a contact’s name isn’t set or the contact doesn’t have an owner.

Fortunately, Infusionsoft provides a way of setting defaults for merge fields. If a field you want to merge is empty, Infusionsoft will use your merge default.

Set your default user

In Infusionsoft, go to Marketing→Settings. Select Template Defaults. Under Merge Defaults, select the default user you’d like to use. Don’t forget to click the save button!


Set default contact fields

Under Merge Defaults, click the Contact link. This will allow you to define default values for all your contact fields, even your custom fields.

For example, if you sell designer neckties, you may want the default first name to be “Tie Aficionado”.

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