Tuesday’s Tip: Search Infusionsoft from your browser

We’ve created a free tool that lets you search your Infusionsoft app’s contacts from your browser’s location bar or search box without having to open Infusionsoft.

To use this tool, enter your app name below and click Next. This will create a special search plugin just for you. Click the “Click Here To Complete” link to finish the installation.

Chrome: In the Edit Search Engine box that pops up, choose a keyword to trigger the search. We like to use infusionsoft. For example, if you chose infusionsoft as your keyword and wanted to search for contacts named Jacob, you’d type infusionsoft jacob in the Chrome omnibox then hit enter.

Firefox: Click Add when asked if you want to install the search plugin. To use the plugin, select Infusionsoft as your search engine in the search drop down, then type your search term and hit enter.

Internet Explorer: Click Add when asked if you want to install the search provider. To use the plugin, click the magnifying glass in the location bar, click the Infusionsoft icon in the dropdown, then type in your search.


  1. Doesn’t seem to work. 🙁 Using latest version of Firefox.

    • I just tested it with the latest version of Firefox and it worked great. Can you send an email to support@novaksolutions.com with more details on the problem, such as any error messages you are receiving? Thanks!


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