Tuesday’s Tip: Let your Infusionsoft contacts update their own information

Using the a web form and an email broadcast, you can easily let your Infusionsoft contacts update their own information. This tip doesn’t require any custom code, just a bit of setup inside of your Infusionsoft app.

First, create a web form. You can use a legacy web form or create one within a campaign. Create a hidden field for the email address. Add any fields you’d like the contact to be able to update, such as name, address, or a custom field. These fields should be visible so your contact can see them. Go to the Publish tab and copy the URL for the hosted web form.

Next, create an email broadcast. This email should ask the contact to click a link to update their information. Add a link to the URL for the hosted web form. Before clicking the Insert/Update button for the link, click Other options… and select Place the person’s details at the end of the URL (for techies). This will add the contact’s details to the URL, which will auto-fill the hidden email address form.

When your contact receives the email and clicks the link, they’ll arrive at your web form. They can update their details and submit the form, and your Infusionsoft app will be instantly updated with the new information.

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