Tuesday’s Tip: Keep your data safe by using an Infusionsoft sandbox app

Doing development work inside of your company’s live Infusionsoft app can be extremely dangerous. This is especially true if you are using the Infusionsoft API. In addition to getting a good backup solution for your app’s data, you can use a free sandbox app to keep your vital data safe.

A sandbox app is a free tool provided by Infusionsoft to help you safely develop apps and integrations for Infusionsoft. It can also be used for testing changes to shopping cart and order form themes, new campaigns, and almost anything else you’d want to do. It looks and behaves exactly like your normal Infusionsoft app but with a few limitations: a maximum of 3 users per app, 250 contacts, and no ability to send email broadcasts.

Getting a sandbox app is easy. Just place an order with Infusionsoft and they’ll send you the details you need to log in to get started. You can set up API access just like you would with your normal app.

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