Tuesday’s Tip: Keep up on Infusionsoft news using an RSS widget

There are so many ways to keep up with your favorite news sources: email subscriptions, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and more. You can even view the latest news and articles inside of Infusionsoft.

To follow your favorite news sources within Infusionsoft itself, you can add an RSS widget to your dashboard.

First, click the Add Widgets button on your dashboard.


Next, click Add to Dashboard for the RSS Feed item.

The RSS widget will be added to your dashboard. By default it will show the latest news from Infusionsoft’s blog. You can click the Edit button to change which feed you are following. For example, you can use https://novaksolutions.com/feed/ to follow the Novak Solutions blog and to get our weekly tips in your dashboard.

You can also drag the widget around to get it where you want it.

Is your dashboard feeling cramped? If you have a reasonable sized monitor, you can also click the Change Layout button to change to wider columns or more columns.

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