Tuesday’s Tip: Hide payment options for free items on Infusionsoft carts

Update 7/23/2014: The script has been updated to work with the latest version of the Infusionsoft shopping cart.

Here is a common scenario: You are offering a freebie to your customers. You want them to use your Infusionsoft shopping cart, but you don’t want them to have to enter their credit card information for a $0 item. You could turn on the check payment method for your shopping cart, but your customers are still going to be presented with the other payment methods.

To solve this, we’ve written some JavaScript to automatically handle hiding and showing the appropriate payment methods. This code will hide the credit card and PayPal methods if it detects that the customer has a $0 shopping cart. If the customer’s order isn’t free, it will show the credit card and/or PayPal methods and hide the check method.

To make this work, you’ll first need to enable the check option by logging into Infusionsoft and going to E-Commerce Setup -> Payment Options.

Next, modify your shopping cart theme. Place this snippet in your Custom Header HTML area:

<script type="text/javascript" src="https://d1zcb7keu4rf07.cloudfront.net/free/novaksolutions.com_do_not_require_payment.js"></script>

That’s it! We’ll keep the script up-to-date in case Infusionsoft makes future changes that stop this script from working. You are of course welcome to download this script and host it on your own if you’d like.

To see this script in action, click here to order our free Health Check service.

Note: We’ve tested this script with our own Infusionsoft products and shopping cart. If something isn’t working quite right for you, please let us know! We’re happy to help troubleshoot any of the free tools we provide.


  1. So if we enable ‘check’ as a payment option, how will this effect all our other order forms and themes ?

    Won’t it allow people to select check for payment on order forms for non-fee products ?

    • The code we provided will only show the check option if the customer only has free items in the order. It will hide the check option if they have any non-free products in the order, requiring them to choose a normal payment method.

  2. My shopping cart seems to have different set of elements which mean some stuff in the script is working and some is not. What do you think is gong on? Did Infusionsoft update the Cart design?

    • Infusionsoft does occasionally change things that can break our tips. Can you provide a link to an example shopping cart page that isn’t working properly?

      • I sent it through your contact form. I don’t want it out publicly because it is an members only benefit.
        Thanks for looking at it.

      • Thanks, I got the link! Looks like Infusionsoft has released a new version of the shopping cart for some apps. I’ll work on updating the JavaScript code so it will work with both the old and the new version. Thanks for letting me know about the problem!

    • It seems to be because it’s a digital product.

  3. It’s working on my Firefox and Safari, but not on my Chrome, but when I go to your checkout page, it works on Chrome. Please advise. Thanks!

    • Can you send me a link to an example page that isn’t working for you?

    • If it works when you are incognito but not in your regular browser, then you likely have a browser extension that is preventing it from working properly or you need to clear your Infusionsoft cookies.

      • Got it. Thanks. I appreciate your help!

  4. Are you still supporting this script? We’d love to use it but it seems that the pay by check option is available for items that are not free.

  5. Hi Guys, is this script still available? Infusionsoft support has just pointed me to your page and I have tried to utilize the script, but to no avail. I have a totally free product, and a product that has a 100% discount promo code, however, neither of these are removing the CC payment option or showing the “Pay by Check” option. Thanks…

  6. Jason are you using a shopping cart or order form? I’m using an Order Form and I think the elements are slightly different. The above script is for a shopping cart.

  7. Does this script work for order form orf just for shopping carts? After enabling pay by check it still doesn’t seem to be working for us.

  8. Just installed this script and it works perfectly! Solved my problem pronto. THANK YOU so much!

  9. Has anyone developed this to work with order forms, not just shopping carts? Would be a HUGE value for us!!


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