Tuesday’s Tip: Get a free stats dashboard for Infusionsoft

Keeping track of trends within your business makes it easier to find and fix problems, and to see where your company is heading. Infusionsoft provides some basic dashboard reporting tools within your app, but we wanted something a little more powerful so we created Health Check. We’ve been using Health Check internally for awhile now, and decided to share it with the Infusionsoft community.

Our free Health Check tool provides daily stats and gives you a quick overview of those stats compared to previous reporting periods. In other words, it helps you know what you accomplished today, yesterday, and last month, while giving you the ability to see how that compares to your accomplishments last week, last month, and the month before.

Example dashboard item with sample data.

Example dashboard item with sample data.

Clicking on the question mark icon next to a stat brings up a window with more information. For example, clicking the question mark icon next to the “today so far” number for Payments Received will give you a list of payments received today. We’ll be expanding this in the near future to include graphs and pre-built reports.

Health Check is completely free (we don’t even collect your credit card number) and fully supported. It doesn’t have all the features we want yet but it is being actively developed and will continue to gain new features in the coming weeks.

So please, sign up, give it a try, and let me know what you think! What is it missing that you’d find useful? What do you love about it? Please share your thoughts so we can continue to improve this free tool!


  1. Do you plan on offering oAuth of a way to connect to the app instead of via the in-secure key?

    • Yes, we have the code written already for oAuth but haven’t had time to fully test it. We’ll likely start using it with all our products in the next week or two.

  2. Just a note… The API key is 100% secure. OAuth is just a more standards compliant way of getting an API Key.


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