Tuesday’s Tip: Easily manipulate dates in Infusionsoft using keyboard shortcuts

Want an easier way to enter dates in Infusionsoft? Use the quick date keys, a set of keyboard shortcuts that make it easy to enter the date you want without having to consult a calendar. This tip works with any Infusionsoft field that has the calendar icon next to it.


To get a full list of the quick date keyboard shortcuts, click the date field then hit Alt+i on your keyboard (Command + i on a Mac). A list of shortcut keys will pop-up like this:

Put your cursor in the date field and press Alt+i to view  the quick date keys.

Put your cursor in the date field and press Alt+i to view the quick date keys.

To use the shortcut keys, simply click a date field then type the shortcut. For example, if I wanted to enter today’s date, I’d type t into the date field. The Alt + i only shows you the available keys; you don’t have to type Alt + i first.

You can enter one key after another to continue to manipulate the date. For example, if I wanted to enter the first day of next month, I’d enter m and then f. The m would add a month to the date currently in the field. If the field is empty, it assumes today’s date. The f would then set the date of the month to the 1st.

The day of week shortcuts use the first five keys of the bottom row of the keyboard. These shortcuts are incredibly useful when setting task dates. For example, you can quickly set the date to Friday by pressing b (the fifth key on the bottom row of the keyboard). No need to get out a calendar, no need to mentally calculate the date based off of today’s date. It’s great!

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