Tuesday’s Tip: Create a completely custom web form notification email in Infusionsoft

It is often helpful to get a notification when a web form is filled out by a contact. However, the default notifications in Infusionsoft can be less than useful. In fact, the only part you can customize is the subject line! This trick gives you the ability to create a completely custom notification email that includes all of the contact information you want.

Disable web form notification

The first step is to disable the built-in web form notification. Edit your web form, go to the settings tab, and make sure the Send an Email To: field is blank.


Create a follow-up sequence

Next, create a sequence after your web form in your campaign and add an email to it. This sequence will send your notification email.


Change the To: field to your email address. You can use merge fields to put contact info into the subject line and the body of the message.

Mark your email and sequences as ready, and publish your campaign.

What happens next?

When your contact fills out the web form they’ll move through your campaign to the notification sequence. Infusionsoft will fill in your merge fields with their details, then send the email to you.

And that is it! You now have a completely customized web form notification email.

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