Complete control over Infusionsoft order forms

Update 2/3/2015: This tip is for an extremely old version of Infusionsoft, and does not work with the current version of Infusionsoft. Sorry!

I don’t like self-hosted Infusionsoft order forms. You lose a lot of the elegance of them, and they just look blech.

I wrote a JavaScript library that you can put in the header of your Infusionsoft hosted order form that allows you to paste your own HTML for the order form with special placeholders for the fields, and another special tag for the error list. This lets you make your order form look any way you want.

One of the things you’ll need for this to work properly is a bookmarklet. The Infusionsoft source code editor on the order form header and footer editor is very slow when your HTML gets huge. This bookmarklet will convert the “Big Tiny” editor into a text box so that you can edit your code easily without waiting minutes for the code editor to highlight your code.

Just drag this link to your toolbar: Order Form Header and Footer Code Editor To Textbox

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