Tuesday’s Tip: Change the credit card label on your Infusionsoft order forms

There have been a few posts (such as this one) in the Infusionsoft community forum over the past few months asking how to change the credit card label on Infusionsoft order forms and shopping cart pages. Many major retailers, such as Amazon, use the term Credit or Debit Card so their customers know that they can use their bank issued card.

Whether or not this will increase your conversions probably depends on the demographics of your customers. In any case, accomplishing this with your Infusionsoft order forms or shopping cart pages is pretty easy.


To change your credit card label to Credit or Debit Card, simply add this code to your order form or shopping cart theme:

<script type="text/javascript">// <![CDATA[
    jQuery("label[for='creditCardType'] span:contains('Credit card')").text("Credit or Debit Card");
// ]]></script>

Place it in the custom header HTML area then save. For existing order forms, you’ll need to edit the individual order form and add the code to the custom header HTML area.

The code will search for the label for the creditCardType element. It then checks to make sure the label has the correct text. This works around a bug in Infusionsoft where the PayPal label is actually associated with the credit card radio button. Finally, it changes the text to Credit or Debit Card. You can change the text to anything you’d like by editing that last bit of code.


  1. Brilliant! Thanks… and so simple to implement – just copied the code snippet and dropped it into my custom order templates!

  2. If I would like to change the word Price for Prix (french) is this possible and if so how? I tried adding your code and changing the folowing from what you wrote in this line:

    jQuery(“label[for=’creditCardType’] span:contains(‘Credit card’)”).text(“Credit or Debit Card”); to

    jQuery(“label[for=’Price’] span:contains(‘Price’)”).text(“Prix / Price”);

    in the Custom Header (I then tried other areas) however nothing worked? What I am doing wrong?
    Thanks so much


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