Infusionsoft One-click Upsell v2.2.4

We’ve released Infusionsoft One-click Upsell v2.2.4 for WordPress. This is an optional update that fixes issues that a few users encountered:

  1. Improved CSS when using an image for your upsell button. We’ve updated the CSS to work better with themes that have default widths or heights for input buttons. If you were unable to get your upsell button sized correctly, or it wasn’t showing up at all, this may fix the issue for you.
  2. Upsell buttons can be “submit” or “button” input types. Some themes alter the appearance of inputs of type “submit”. You can now choose to have the input be of type “button”, which can help with these CSS issues. This option is on the settings page for the plugin.

If you already have the plugin installed and would like to update, please do so from within your WordPress administration pages. You can also get the plugin (for free!) from the official WordPress plugin site.

Having problems with the plugin? Would you like it to do something it doesn’t already do? Feel free to contact us using our contact form or via email. You can also contribute to the project on GitHub.

The One-click Upsell plugin is fully supported via our contact form or support email address only. We will not provide support for this free product over the phone.

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