Want to do even more to automate your marketing?

Instead of spending your day shuffling data around and creating reports, you could be growing your business. Let Novak Solutions automate your business tasks so you can focus on what really matters. These ready-to-go integrations help you get more out of your Infusionsoft app and save you time.

We’ve put together a list of the top 4 things you can do today to easily and quickly automate your business.

Automate your Infusionsoft backups using Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup offers an effortless and secure way to backup your Infusionsoft data. Your data is automatically copied from Infusionsoft every 15 minutes and stored securely in the cloud. We package up your data into a file that you can easily use to restore your data in case of an emergency, import it into other systems, or analyze it in Excel.

Plans starting at $49/month.

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Automate your surveys using Survey Bridge

Top marketers know that surveys are a powerful tool, but traditionally they’ve been difficult to integrate with Infusionsoft. With Survey Bridge you can easily create surveys using SurveyGizmo or SurveyMonkey that will automatically be imported into Infusionsoft. Capture abandoned surveys and completed surveys, create new contacts or update existing contacts, and apply tags.

Plans starting at $10/month.

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Automate contact updates using Profile and Payments

Profile and Payments makes it easy to give your Infusionsoft® contacts the power to update their own profiles. Your contacts will be able to create a login for your custom profile portal site. They can update their name, address, payment information, and more without having to contact your support team.

Variable pricing based on usage.

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Automate your stats using Health Check

Our free Health Check automation helps you find problems before they become problems. The statistics and metrics it provides will help you make smart business decisions. Automatically get the number of cancellations you’ve had, the dollar amount of sales, find contacts that are missing a lead source, and more.

Free for everyone.

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Need a customized integration?

We know your business is unique. Our team is ready to customize any of our integrations to fit your specific needs.

Need a new, custom integration? We can do that, too!

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