Infusionsoft One-click Upsell

The One-click Upsell Plugin makes it easy to add an upsell button to your shopping cart and order form Thank You pages.

See the Upsell Plugin in Action

One-click Upsell Installation

One-click Upsell Usage Instructions

Upsell Usage

Example usage: [upsell product_id=”12″]

Use the upsell shortcode on any Thank You page or post. Make sure you select the option in Infusionsoft to pass the contact’s information to the Thank You page.

Once the customer clicks the upsell button, One-click Upsell will charge the customer’s last used credit card and place the order in Infusionsoft.


product_id – The shortcode’s only required parameter is the product_id, which should contain the numeric product ID from Infusionsoft.

button_text – You can change the text of the upsell button by setting the button_text parameter.

class – You can add a CSS class to your upsell button with the class parameter.

success_url – If the upsell is successful, the customer will be redirected to this URL.

failure_url – If the upsell fails (for example, if the credit card is declined), the customer will be redirected to this URL.

action_set_id – Optionally run an Infusionsoft action set if the order is successful.

test – To enable test mode for this upsell, set this parameter to true. This will give you additional debugging information, and send the transaction through the test merchant account that you’ve configured.

Downsell Usage

Example usage: <a href=”/some-wordpress-post/?[[downsell]]”>No Thanks</a>

To add contact information to a URL so you can handle downsells, add ?[[downsell]] to the end of any link. This will add the required URL parameters to the URL as if the user had come directly from the Infusionsoft cart or order form.