Unleash Your SurveyMonkey


Designed with your business in mind

Small business thrives on keeping leads engaged and targeting the right people. Novak Solutions helps you to quickly and easily segregate your contact list based on how they respond to your surveys.

Take control

So you have a survey – now what? Novak Solutions integration with SurveyMonkey helps you take your surveys to the next level. Assign different tags to each survey respondent, based on how they answer each question. Store their answers into their Contact record and personalize your marketing emails with merge fields.

Improve your conversion rate

SurveyMonkey saves survey responses even if the respondent only fills out the first page of the survey. Novak Solutions lets you set a specific tag on these contacts, so that you can put them in a separate campaign to help bring them back.

Build your marketing funnel

Does your marketing funnel look more like a straw? A single series of emails that every lead receives with the same marketing copy and the same calls to action?

Knowing who your leads are through surveys is the key to improving your funnels’ effectiveness. Personalize your campaigns to appeal to each lead individually and start marketing with a funnel instead of a straw.



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