Our Campaign Tools let you do things with Infusionsoft WITHOUT paying an arm and a leg.  (Just a finger or two).

A/B Testing

A/B Testing is powerful, and simple.  Our free tool lets you randomly segment your lists into up to 5 groups for A/B testing.

Credit Card Charge Search

Quickly and Easily see all the charges associated with a Credit Card by the last 4 digits.

Date Time To Date Field

Infusionsoft only lets you use Date Fields in a Campaign Sequence for Field Timers. This tool makes it easy to copy the value of a datetime field to a date field so you can use it in a sequence.

Field Math

  Field Math lets you increment and decrement a field value, as well as addition and subtraction.

Health Check

  Our Health Check Tool is loved by over 200 Infusionsoft Users.  It shows you several stats and allows you to see how you are doing compared with last month.  Some of the stats include: Recurring Revenue, New Orders, Payments Received, Contacts Without a Lead Source, Active Subscriptions, and Unpaid Active Subscriptions.

Human Friendly Dates

Do you really want your emails going out with a date like “2014-05-04 05:45pm”?  With this free tool, you can humanize that date any way you want.

If Fields Not Blank Apply Tag

Do you have optional fields on a webform and you want to treat leads differently if they fill them out? This tool lets you apply a tag if optional fields are submitted.

Signature Generator

Keep signatures consistent for your organization across emails, forums, etc…

Get It Now For Just $17 / mo.

Get It Now for just $17 / mo.