Building the bridge between consumer insight and marketing data.

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Understanding your customers is the key to growing your business

Gaining insight into the mind of your customer base may be the single most effective tool in winning new customers and maintaining the ones you have. The ability to not just know who your customers are, but truly understand what makes them tick is the difference between stagnant sales and explosive growth. More than that, the ability to gather and couple this valuable information with contact data is the key to building a marketing powerhouse. The marriage between consumer insight and contact data creates an invaluable means of understanding existing and potential customers. And when your marketing caters to your target demographic, your business grows. Our SurveyGizmo integration is the platform that links these two critical aspects of business growth.

Accuracy is the key to quality consumer info

By allowing you to map survey questions in SurveyGizmo to any contact field in Infusionsoft, our integration serves as the tap to a wealth of accurate consumer information. Our SurveyGizmo integration gives you the ability to embed a special survey link in your Infusionsoft emails to ensure the contact data you are capturing goes to the right Infusionsoft contact record. This direct link between the contact data and the contact record means accuracy every time.

You’re in control

We understand that knowing where your data is saved is just as important as knowing your customers. That’s why our integration is designed to give you complete control over what gets saved and where.

No abandonment issues

Our unique system can capture both partial and fully completed surveys. This means that as soon as data is entered into a survey it is yours. This means if a customer gets cold feet while filling out a survey, you don’t lose the valuable data they entered. You can also select what tags to apply when a survey response is started and when your customer completes the survey.


Support is offered via email and our support page for all packages. You can also search our knowledge base to find answers to common questions.

Bundle Pricing

You can purchase our SurveyGizmo integration as part of our Standard Automation Center package for $69 per month.You will receive the SurveyGizmo integration and over a dozen more tools including CloudBackup and your very own Profile and Payments customer portal.

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