CJ Affiliate Conversion Tag and Corrections Report

Add CJ conversion tags to your WordPress blog, and automatically generate correction reports.

If you run an affiliate program through CJ Affiliate, then you need to include tags on your “thank you” pages to let CJ Affiliate know when a purchase is made. Using Infusionsoft and WordPress, you can easily use WordPress for your “thank you” pages and have the required CJ Affiliate tags automatically added to your blog. You receive the full, unencrypted source code. For our CJ Affiliate for Infusionsoft® WordPress Plugin.  This means you can easily make any custom changes you want. This WordPress plugin is available for a one-time fee of $299 per server.  For $19/mo you also receive access to our Corrections report generator, so you don’t have to pay commissions on refunded orders.
Get a license for 1 server for a one-time fee of $299
Get the Corrections Report Generator for an additional $19/mo
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